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How they’ve ended up here, of all places, Effy isn’t sure. But what she’s absolutely certain of is Katie Fitch’s divinity. And as Katie leaned over her, she thought to herself that she might have consumed too many mushrooms but this vision of beauty was hers and hers alone.

“Do you remember the last time we were here?” Effy hears herself asking, but doesn’t recall permitting the thought to leave her.

Katie snorts and rolls her eyes. “Despite your pathetic rock slinging, my memory is still in tact, you stupid cow.”

“I didn’t mean—” Effy starts, struggling through her haze to find the right words.

“Babe, don’t,” is the answer she gets, because they’ve been through this time and time again and it always ends the same; Katie mumbling ‘past is past’ against Effy’s lips until they’re bruised and replaced with a mutual pain that they can actually stand.

And now isn’t the time for such things, considering the others were gathered around the fire and waiting for their return. Katie looks down at Effy with such affection that never fails to spark her nerve-endings. “Come on” Katie says softly, extending a hand. “This isn’t our nightmare anymore, Stonem.” (x)

Katie storms in through the flat’s front door. She’s muttering something about ‘fucking men, always thinking with their cocks’ and if another one hits on her at work she’s gonna ‘kick their balls in and give them their own vagina so they can fuck themselves’, when a sight at the kitchen table brings her to a full stop.

“Eff? What’s the matter?”

Effy can’t look up when she says: “He was here”. Katie’s every muscle tightens. “Who was here, babes?”

“You know exactly who”. And when she says it, it’s harsh, but not in a way meant for Katie, but rather in a way that expresses her frustration with her own mind.

Katie sees the pictures scattered across the table, some ripped into halves, the others untouched and staring back up at her. Fuck, of course, Freddie. Katie’s immediately at Effy’s side, wrapping her arms around her. “I’m here now, I’m here.

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